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5th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA Awards

Master Chef Martin Yan received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence from Chinese Restaurant News at the 5th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA Awards Show. Bob Ansara, Director Emeritus of National Restaurant Association presented Chef Yan with the award.

From left to right: Betty Xie, Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Restaurant News, Master Chef Martin Yan, Bob Ansara, Director Emeritus, National Restaurant Association, and Theresa Lin.
photo by Lia Chang

Award winning food sculptor Jimmy Zhang with his Chinese Zodiac food carving display at the 5th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA Awards Show.

photo by Lia Chang


Chef's Recommendations
Meat Dumplings
Vegetarian Dumplings
(Special Dumplings Wrap)

Rice or Noodle
Fried Rice
Lo Mein
Chow Fun
Rice Noodle Singapore Style

General Tso's Chicken
Honey Garlic Chicken
Hunan Chicken
Orange Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken
Mango Shrimp or Chicken(New Recipe)
Diet Special
All diet orders are steamed with Ginger &
lemon. There is NO seasoning in cooking.
1.Fresh Broccoli
2.Mixed Vegetables
3.Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
4.Chicken with Snow Peas
5.Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables
6.Scallops with Mixed vegetables
7.Fresh Soybean in Pod
Info for New Beijing
Did you know there are many Chinese restaurants within 3 miles of the intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Hwy? When Mr.Gao,the owner of New Beijing restaurant at the Fairfax Circle Towers Plaza,wanted to open a second location, his own family members and friends advised him not do it there.But based on local customers' suggestions,and his confidence in the quality of the food,Mr.Gao opened a second location across from the BMW of Fairfax on lee Hwyjust a few minutes drive from his frist location.

Proudly asserting "voted best Chinese restaurant in Fairfax",Mrs.Gao shared a story of a family formerly living in the neighborhood.After the family moved to a new area about an hour's drive away,they came back to order Chow Fun(fried rice).Mrs.Gao was surprised.She asked,"Why do you drive such a long way to come here?Don't you have a Chinese restaurant near you home?"The family told her that,indeed,another Chinese restaurant was near their home,but found New Beijing's fried rice just unbeatable.

Mrs.Gao explained the success of New Beijing fried rice is due to "good quality" and a secret family recipe.They place a special emphasis on quality and nutrition of the food,and cleanliness of the restaurant.Mr.Gao thinks that good food is the number one joy in life.He hopes that his neighbors will share his passion for delicious food.Customer satisfaction is the biggest reward for his work.

News Beijing has carry-out lunch buffet at $4.99.You get to choose two out of seven dishes.Its lunch special at $5.95 has 36 items for you to choose.It's a great way to sample the tasty food at New Beijing during lunch time.

In addition to dine-in and carry-out,New Beijing offers catering.The Gao's have lots of experience handling wedding and corporate gatherings.They can recommend superb offerings based on client needs,the season,and occasion of their parties.

Every day we receive a lot of telephones from the customers who say our food is spcially good, and the taste is very delicious and different from other Chinese restaurnts.
Any questions please call us.